Installation of CA Provisioning Server Fails

10 Oct

Installation of the CA Provisioning server will fail due to SELinux which is configured to run by default on CentOS 5.8.  SELinux is explained in this link.  To accomplish a running CA IdentityMinder Provisioning Server the following two actions need to occur:

Here are the steps I used:

Step #1 – Get the Provisioning Server installed

Purpose:  This will prevent the Provisioning Server install to fail with a log message of: “Starting im_ps failed…” or “Connection refused”

(as root) Prior to installing CA ProvisioningServer

/usr/sbin/setenforce 0

(as root) After installation is complete

/usr/sbin/setenforce 1

Step #2 – Allow the Provisioning Server to run in SELinux

Purpose:  To allow the Provisioning Server to run without disabling SELinux completely and just isolating the CA slapd executable for a SELinux policy modification.

In a terminal session as root

su – imps

cd /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/bin

/opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/bin/imps stop im_ps

/opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/bin/imps start im_ps

You will receive the message: “Starting im_ps failed…”

Keep this terminal window open and start a new terminal as root

grep slapd /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -m postgreylocal > postgreylocal.te

cat postgreylocal.te – You should see something similar

module postgreylocal 1.0;

require {

type unconfined_t;

type usr_t;

class file execmod;


#============= unconfined_t ==============

allow unconfined_t usr_t:file execmod;

If it does than execute:

grep slapd /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -M postgreylocal

semodule -i postgreylocal.pp

Your slapd process has now been granted a SELinux policy to execute

Go back to your imps user terminal session and execute

/opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/bin/imps start im_ps

You will receive a im_ps started successfully message (woot!)


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